We're currently promoting our new album, Know You Better, across Canada and the States! Phone your local Christian Radio Station with your requests! 

by Joyce Rempel, updated September 2019


Hope’s Creed is a new band turning heads in Alberta’s Christian music scene. After releasing their first EP, Here I Am, in 2017, the Calgary-based worship collective won a spot to perform in 2018 at No Greater Love, then released a second EP in 2019, Know You Better. 

This dynamic nine-member group is the brainchild of songwriter Jayne Luy, who wrote original songs for a Nashville recording artist before launching Hope’s Creed. “Our primary focus is to create and share original, faith-based music, and to support local and regional ministries,” Luy says.

Alberta-born and raised, Luy studied Languages at University of Alberta, then later obtained a Masters in Piano Performance. She is married to an engineer and spent ten years overseas before moving to Calgary. “We arrived in 2016,” Luy recalls. The couple began looking for a home church. “I had a backlog of unproduced, original music,” Luy says, “And I thought, ‘God has brought me back to Canada. Maybe I’ll be here for a little while, so I should look at doing something more permanent.’” She was accepted as Artist in Residence at First Alliance Church and began collaborating on various projects with Music Pastor David Klob and other musicians. Luy developed a friendship with Kristal Chalmers of Centre Street Church. With Kristal’s powerful vocals and experience leading worship, she was a natural fit as lead vocalist in Hope’s Creed. Kristal introduced Luy to acoustic guitarist Stephane Swinton, who also joined the band.

Luy shared her vision with several gifted musicians she’d met through First Alliance, asking each one to consult with their families to ensure they’d support this commitment. “Nobody does this full time,” she explains, “We have paying jobs and serve from our spare time, our family time.”

Of the six people she asked, “They all said yes! It seems like God had prepared hearts ahead of time.” Additional vocalists are David Klob and Jessie Moore; instrumentalists include Rob Bauman, keys, Owen Berg, drums, Matt Stel, electric guitar, Jon Thomson, bass, and Luy on piano.

Their first event was the EP release concert in late 2017. Then Hope’s Creed won a 2018 contest, after competing with 38 other groups, to perform live at the No Greater Love Festival. Luy emphasizes the incredible influence the Festival had on elevating their profile.

Luy expresses deep gratitude for the broad support they’ve received: “I would not have been able to do this without First Alliance Church opening the door for me as Artist in Residence.” The band also has a great relationship with Shine FM. Luy knows this is unusual for new bands. “I feel like the whole community has worked to help us."

The band relies on the experience of local producer, Cory Bitner, who established the gospel-rock sound of their first EP, and helped develop their Contemporary Christian, with a bit of funk, second album, 'Know You Better', in 2019. The album release party will be at First Alliance Church, on December 1st, at 7 pm. 

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