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"I was raised in Edmonton and when I was 11, I moved with my family to Louisiana, then Paris, then Rio de Janeiro, where I met my beautiful Brazilian wife Ana on the school bus. Then, on to London where I studied Mechanical Engineering. Ana and I moved to Canada from London in January 2022, and later that year I got my start with Hope's Creed, on the soon-to-be-released project 'Alberta Skies'. My musical tastes are wide, but there's a good bit of latin in there! I started drum lessons at the tender age of 6, and began drumming at church at the age of 10! Actually, it might have been earlier than that as I started on the bongo drums; the spot for newbies! I am excited to join Hope's Creed and continue creating original music. Ana and I attend and serve in music at Bonavista Evangelical Missionary Church. My interests apart from drumming are fishing, hiking, climbing, wood-working, snow-boarding, guitar, singing, good food, travelling, reading, and soon to be motorcycles!" 


Alex Luy, drummer, has joined the crew! We said good-bye to Owen Berg, who had been with the band since it's inception in 2017. We forgave Owen for moving on because he has five daughters and a lovely wife and they needed more of him! We welcome Alex as our new drummer. Here's a bit more about him, or read it on the 'About' page:

Darly Olson Bio pic.jpeg

NEW GUY!!! AS OF MAY 2022!

Daryl Olson, baritone, has joined the crew! So happy to welcome him to the band! We're so excited that he's joined us and we look forward to a great future sound! Here's a bit more about him, or read it on the 'About' page:

"Alberta born and raised, I grew up in the Calgary area with music always being a focal point in my life. Growing up in a Christian home listening and singing the likes of the Gaithers and Steve Green, Listening to classical music and also Classic rock, music has influenced my life immeasurably. Lead to Study church music at Rocky Mountain College here in Calgary and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2006. Met my wife in 2005 while doing my practicum and got married shortly after graduation. Sang 6 seasons with Calgary Opera in the chorus. Employed by the City of Calgary Water Services since 2008 and a Part Time Worship Pastor since 2016. I’ve been on stage in a church setting really almost 25 years leading worship. My passion is singing although playing piano and bass guitar are also part time activities. I love golfing (when I can get out). Spending quality time family and friends. My wife of 16 years and our 8 year old daughter provide the drive and support for me to take on this new opportunity. I’m eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father for everything He has given me. I thank Hope’s Creed for this opportunity and I pray God uses the gifts He’s given me to bless others during this chapter in my life."

Daryl Olson family.jpg


Here we are in 2023! With two new band members, and the worldwide pandemic releasing its' grip, we're rolling again! This spring, we'll be releasing our first summer original, 'Alberta Skies', with a music video! Very excited about that! We'll also be back in the studio as we plan to release 2 singles in 2023. With Covid being hopefully mostly over, events are coming back and we're excited to partner again with Teen Challenge for their spring gala. 

2023 news:

We're releasing our first summer song, 'Alberta Skies (Windows Down, Radio Up!)' and we hope you love it as much as we do! This was our first outdoor music video, and the sky and weather changed about 11 times during the filming of it. We even had a spot of rain during which we covered our equipment and huddled under our little tent, laughing about the irony of the weather when we were singing about the clear blue skies! Anyways, keeps life interesting! We're pretty excited about this release! We've also begun work on two new singles, 'Love Says', and 'Fool's Gold.' These two singles delve into new styles for us, but as we mature as a band we're exciting to be spreading our wings a bit and trying new stuff. 'Love Says' will be released in September of 2023, and 'Fool's Gold' will likely be released in February, 2024. Excited! 

2022 news:

2022 is turning out to be better than 2021 and 2020, thankfully! We're back to practicing and are currently working on a BIG PROJECT that we'll be releasing in late spring, 2023! Our first release for general audience! Very exciting!

2021 news:

Well, 2021 turned out to not be that different from 2020! Between lockdowns and restrictions, we managed to practice EXACTLY TWICE before going into studio to record our new Christmas single, 'Night Sky'! But...

THE CHOSEN allowed us to use some of their Christmas pilot episode, 'The Shepherd', for this new release! We never dreamed that! Thank-you so much to Dallas Jenkins and makers of The Chosen for their trust and their incredible generosity! We truly are in your debt, and well... we are SUPER FANS!!!! 

2020 news:

2020 was an interesting year. Such hopes, yet the reality is that band life is only slowly coming back after Covid. We saw two band members, Dave and Rob, leave the band as their lives took them in other directions. We thank both of them for their contribution to the band and wish them all the best in all their future endeavours. 2021 will bring the release of a couple outliers for us! The first, 'Before Your Table - Communion Song', which is aimed at exactly what the title states - the remembrance of the blood and body of Christ through the sacrament of Holy Communion. The second song may come as a a bit of a surprise - a joyful celebration of life in our beautiful province of Alberta. Our first secular release, 'Windows Down, Radio Up.'

Thanks so much for sticking with us through the pandemic and the lull it brought in our activity. Thank-you also if you're checking us out for the first time! God bless you and bring you joy today! 

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