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We're currently promoting our new album, Know You Better, across Canada and the States! Phone your local Christian Radio Station with your requests! 

Well, 2021 turned out to not be that different from 2020! Between lockdowns and restrictions, we managed to practice EXACTLY TWICE before going into studio to record our new Christmas single, 'Night Sky'! But...

THE CHOSEN allowed us to use some of their Christmas pilot episode, 'The Shepherd', for this new release! We never dreamed that! Thank-you so much to Dallas Jenkins and makers of The Chosen for their trust and their incredible generosity! We truly are in your debt, and well... we are SUPER FANS!!!! 

2020 was an interesting year. Such hopes, yet the reality is that band life is only slowly coming back after Covid. We saw two band members, Dave and Rob, leave the band as their lives took them in other directions. We thank both of them for their contribution to the band and wish them all the best in all their future endeavours. 2021 will bring the release of a couple outliers for us! The first, 'Before Your Table - Communion Song', which is aimed at exactly what the title states - the remembrance of the blood and body of Christ through the sacrament of Holy Communion. The second song may come as a a bit of a surprise - a joyful celebration of life in our beautiful province of Alberta. Our first secular release, 'Windows Down, Radio Up.'

Thanks so much for sticking with us through the pandemic and the lull it brought in our activity. Thank-you also if you're checking us out for the first time! God bless you and bring you joy today!