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About Hope's Creed...

We're a Contemporary Christian band out of Calgary, Alberta. We absolutely love making music together and hope that you can hear that in our music! We've released to EP's, 'Here I Am, and 'Know You Better'; which added a bit of funk to our fusion of rock, pop, country and gospel. Check out our two Christmas singles, 'Heaven's Son Came Down' and 'Night Sky'. In May of 2022, we welcomed Daryl Olson, a fabulous Alberta-born baritone, into our ranks! Then, in August, we welcomed Alex Luy as our new drummer! Alex brings our medium age down a bit, and a youthful passion that's catching! So excited for the future! 

As a band, we're passionate about putting great music to original lyrics! We love partnering with churches and organizations to build bridges and serve our community.

Hats off to Owen Berg, who gave 5 years of his amazing humour and drumming skill to the band, and to David Klob and Rob Bauman who each gave the band 4 years of their talent and dedication before their lives took them in other directions. We wish you well in all your future endeavours! 

About the singers...


My earliest memories of music are singing with my family in the car.  We never seemed to live near our grandparents so during the 10 hour or so drives, we would sing in 4-part harmony to encourage the car to travel faster!  I grew up singing in church where there was always a need for someone to sing harmony. As a pastor's kid, you were expected to fill in where needed and I'm so grateful that need was often centered around music. My dad loved southern gospel and passed the love of harmonies and loud music onto me! I began leading worship at the age of 18. My first studio experience happened then and I was hooked! However, my favourite title is daughter of the King. I love being a wife to Greg and mom to Max, Ashlyn and Kalie. I've had the privilege of singing on many stages and platforms and I'm so excited to do it again with 'Hope's Creed'.  I'm amazed at how God has choreographed my life. And when I get to share what God has done and is doing through music, I know I’m living out what He has placed in my life. 


I've been told I came out of the womb hollering and singing and always gravitated towards all things music. As a Pastors kid I had the privilege to develop my faith in a very safe and fun atmosphere. The church we served in California immersed me in rich biblical teachings, new music ministries, kids musicals, exciting youth events, camp adventures and fellowship with others that would last a lifetime. Oh, and let me not forget the monthly potlucks! When I was 10, I recall a traveling Maranatha Praise team that came to our church several times and I was in awe of their vocal harmonies, their stories and ministry. At home I began to memorize their songs and record myself singing on my tape deck. Through my growing up I was able to take piano lessons, be involved in school and church choirs and sing solos for church and events in the community. Music quickly became one of the most powerful ways for me to learn, relate, heal and communicate what was in my heart. When my younger sister passed away I recall the song “In His Time” being significant for me as I grappled with the reality of death and loss. In the quiet of my room I sang it over and over and felt the Lords arms comforting me as I sung to Him. Music has been the main tool that the Lord has used to break through to my soul and draw me near to Him all throughout my life. It is because of ministry that my family came to Canada to serve in a Baptist church in Calgary. I have remained in Calgary and have served at a few churches in music ministry and also in special need ministry. I am a mom of special needs children, have foster parented for 20 years and have been blessed to adopt 2 of my children. I have a vision to see special needs ministries be birthed and thrive in our churches. When music and special needs ministry come together, it is there that I have experienced the very sweet spot of ministry! 

Being part of this band is such a blessing for me and has been another beautiful way to express my gratitude, love and praise for my God and share hope with others! 

Darly Olson Bio pic.jpeg


Alberta born and raised, I grew up in the Calgary area with music always being a focal point in my life. Growing up in a Christian home listening and singing the likes of the Gaithers and Steve Green, listening to classical music and also Classic rock, music has influenced my life immeasurably. Lead to Study church music at Rocky Mountain College here in Calgary and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2006. Met my wife in 2005 while doing my practicum and got married shortly after graduation. Sang 6 seasons with Calgary Opera in the chorus. Employed by the City of Calgary Water Services since 2008 and a Part Time Worship Pastor since 2016. I’ve been on stage in a church setting really almost 25 years leading worship. My passion is singing although playing piano and bass guitar are also part time activities. I love golfing (when I can get out). Spending quality time family and friends. My wife of 16 years and our 8 year old daughter provide the drive and support for me to take on this new opportunity. I’m eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father for everything He has given me. I thank Hope’s Creed for this opportunity and I pray God uses the gifts He’s given me to bless others during this chapter in my life.


About the Instrumentalists:


My musical background is in classical piano, however I spend as much time as I can composing! It is my true passion, and I hope my music will be a blessing to you. My other, and older passion is my family; I am blessed with two sons who are already grown up, and a wonderfully supportive husband, with whom I have had an amazing life.

One of my first decisions in life was that I wanted to be a missionary. Life proceeded to unfold, and I never really answered the ‘missionary call’ in the traditional way. However, our Father often works things out in unexpected ways. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that total surrender comes before understanding. I began attempting to song write 20 years ago, following a totally unexpected word from the Lord at a youth event. My faith told me that if this was truly God’s will for my life, He would make me able. I've continued to develop my songwriting since then, and following my first commercial project with Elena Chavez, I am now so happy to be working with Hope's Creed to bring music that glorifies God into the world! It is such a privilege to play keys in, write songs for and manage this band. Each band member blesses me in a special way. 


Music always had a strong presence in my family growing up. Whether it was my dad practicing or teaching bagpipes, playing guitar for living room sing-alongs or church, or two sisters playing piano, I was surrounded by music. In junior high there was a need for another bass player in the small baptist church in which dad served as a pastor. This was the start of my journey into the world of bass. From there I regularly played bass or guitar in youth group bands and church worship teams until I went to college.


I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Briercrest College and Seminary. There is nothing like being surrounded by staff and students who are great musicians. While there, I played in various chapel worship teams, church worship teams, jazz ensembles, a large-scale Christmas production, accompanied for other students and local artists, and played in studio for school and local artist projects. God also led me to the love of my life, Kim, and we now have three girls, Lara, Rayleigh and Beatrice. What precious gifts we are given in this life! I love to make music and I love to sing to my Saviour with whatever instrument I have."


"I was raised in Edmonton and when I was 11, I moved with my family to Louisiana, then Paris, then Rio de Janeiro, where I met my beautiful Brazilian wife Ana on the school bus. Then, on to London where I studied Mechanical Engineering. Ana and I moved to Canada from London in January 2022, and later that year I got my start with Hope's Creed, on the soon-to-be-released project 'Alberta Skies'. My musical tastes are wide, but there's a good bit of latin in there! I started drum lessons at the tender age of 6, and began drumming at church at the age of 10! Actually, it might have been earlier than that as I started on the bongo drums; the spot for newbies! I am excited to join Hope's Creed and continue creating original music. Ana and I attend and serve in music at Bonavista Evangelical Missionary Church. My interests apart from drumming are fishing, hiking, climbing, wood-working, snow-boarding, guitar, singing, good food, travelling, reading, and soon to be motorcycles!" 

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MISSING IN ACTION! Bios for Stephane (acoustic/electric), and Matt (electric)! Maybe you can convince them!!!

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