About Hope's Creed...

Hope's Creed is a Contemporary Christian band out of Calgary, Alberta, drawing worship leaders and instrumentalists together from First Alliance Church and Centre Street Church. Hope's Creed recently released their 2nd album, 'Know You Better'; which adds a bit of funk to their fusion of rock, pop, country and gospel. Hope's Creed is passionate about producing original lyrics, and top quality music. We love partnering with Churches and organizations to build bridges and serve our community.


My earliest memories of music are singing with my family in the car.  We never seemed to live near our grandparents so during the 10 hour or so drives, we would sing in 4-part harmony to encourage the car to travel faster!  I grew up singing in church where there was always a need for someone to sing harmony. As a pastor's kid, you were expected to fill in where needed and I'm so grateful that need was often centered around music. My dad loved southern gospel and passed the love of harmonies and loud music onto me! I began leading worship at the age of 18. My first studio experience happened then and I was hooked! However, my favourite title is daughter of the King. I love being a wife to Greg and mom to Max, Ashlyn and Kalie. I've had the privilege of singing on many stages and platforms and I'm so excited to do it again with 'Hope's Creed'.  I'm amazed at how God has choreographed my life. And when I get to share what God has done and is doing through music, I know I’m living out what He has placed in my life. 

About the singers...


Born and raised in California, I started singing in my home church at a very young age, daughter of the preacher there. My family's ministry led us to South Dakota when I was 13 and then on to Calgary, Alberta at the age of 16. I currently reside in Calgary with my husband and children. 

I love serving in music ministry at my home church, as well as in a special needs ministry at another local church. I have a heart for worship, a passion for people and a desire to help others find hope in Jesus!


I've been singing since I was born. That's how it seems, anyway. Between growing up in a pastor's home, going to camp meetings every summer, and attending church - A LOT - I was surrounded by music, especially hymns and gospel songs sung in 4-part harmony. I started studying piano and voice as a little boy. When I was a bit older, I had the privilege of being involved in a children's choir, and later in a touring youth choir. I found that harmonizing came very natural to me, and I loved it! I knew that God wanted me to do something with music, so I headed off to Bible college, where I had many formative experiences in leading worship and music ministry. It was at Bible college that I fell in love with Jesus – and that changed everything! I’ve been involved in various aspects of music ministry ever since and can’t imagine doing anything else. I currently serve as the Music Pastor at First Alliance Church in Calgary, where I reside with my wife Bethanie, and our 3 daughters Kara, Kylie and Emily. To be singing tenor as part of the vocal trio of Hope's Creed is just all kinds of fun! I love making music for my King!

About the manager/songwriter/piano player


My musical background is in classical piano, however I spend as much time as I can composing! It is my true passion, and I hope my music will be a blessing to you. My other, and older passion is my family; I am blessed with two sons who are already grown up and away from home, and a wonderfully supportive husband, with whom I recently moved back to Alberta, after 10 years of living overseas. 

One of my first decisions in life was that I wanted to be a missionary. Life proceeded to unfold, and I never really answered the ‘missionary call’ in the traditional way. However, our Father often works things out in unexpected ways. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that total surrender comes before understanding. I began attempting to song write 20 years ago, following a totally unexpected word from the Lord at a youth event. My faith told me that if this was truly God’s will for my life, He would make me able. I've continued to develop my songwriting since then, and following my first commercial project with Elena Chavez, am now so happy to be working with Hope's Creed to bring music that glorifies God into the world!

About the instrumentalists...


Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Rob has many interests - Food. People (just a couple at a time, though.) Music. Mountains. Peace and Quiet. Taking pictures. Rob's beliefs? Jesus. He said love God and love your neighbour. Pretty simple, right? Rob just tries to love people - all of them. He saves us - from our sin, which is often also from ourselves. He promised an abundant life in him, and it starts here and now. Rob used to get in trouble for cutting class and going to jam on the piano in his school - just making stuff up. His Ma and Pa put him in lessons at age 9, where he learned primarily by ear. He sort of defaulted and took one Royal Conservatory exam - grade 8! Later, came jazz and composition classes from a jazz teacher. After many years of playing piano for worship, Rob broke the mold and started specializing in synth. Now he spends his time picking patches and programming tracks, but hey, Rob's a self-confessed nerd! His musical influences have been Michael W. Smith, David Meece, Beethoven and Chopin, and lately, synth-driven bands; Metric, School of Seven Bells, and Dear Rouge have all been playing a part. 


Music always had a strong presence in my family growing up. Whether it was my dad practicing or teaching bagpipes, playing guitar for living room sing-alongs or church, or two sisters playing piano, I was surrounded by music. In junior high there was a need for another bass player in the small baptist church in which dad served as a pastor. This was the start of my journey into the world of bass. From there I regularly played bass or guitar in youth group bands and church worship teams until I went to college.


I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Briercrest College and Seminary. There is nothing like being surrounded by staff and students who are great musicians. While there, I played in various chapel worship teams, church worship teams, jazz ensembles, a large-scale Christmas production, accompanied for other students and local artists, and played in studio for school and local artist projects. God also led me to the love of my life, Kim, and we now have two girls, Lara and Rayleigh. What precious gifts we are given in this life! I love to make music and I love to sing to my Saviour with whatever instrument I have."

MISSING IN ACTION! Bios for Stephane (acoustic/electric), Matt (electric), and Owen (drums)! BOO HOO! #maybeyoucanconvincethem

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